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Shun Dual Core Nakiri Knife 16.5cm

Shun Dual Core Nakiri Knife 16.5cm

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A nakiri is a Japanese-style vegetable knife. The blade shape is both graceful and practical. It is a favorite with professional chefs and home cooks around the world. The nakiri's blunt tip makes the knife safer to use in the kitchen. At the same time, you can easily process foods with the blade's abundant slicing and dicing capabilities. Simply use a push cut by moving the knife down and forward while keeping the edge parallel to the cutting surface. The beautiful and versatile Dual Core Nakiri is a must-have knife, not only for plant-based cooking, but for a full range of other cuisines as well.

  • An indispensable knife for vegetables, fruits, and foods of all kinds
  • 71 alternating micro-layers of high-carbon, high-chromium VG10 & VG2 stainless steel extend all the way to the edge to maintain long-lasting high-performance; razor-sharp 16° edge each side
  • Traditional octagon-shaped handle in ebony-finished Pakkawood provide a comfortable, secure grip; beautiful, durable PakkaWood won't harbor bacteria
  • Rabbet tang controls weight and enhances maneuverability; this tang type is how samurai swords were commonly constructed
  • Handcrafted in Japan
  • Blade Length: 6.5 inch (165mm)
  • Blade Steel: Dual Core VG10 & VG2
  • Blade Steel Layers: 71 layer Dual Core
  • Blade Edge: Non-Serrated
  • Handle Material: Ebony color Pakkawood



          This Knife is NOT designed to be used on bone or very thick-skinned vegetables.

          Hand wash only (no dishwasher) and dry immediately after use.

          Shun Knives have a limited lifetime warranty (Please see Support on home page for all information).

          Care & Use

          Always keep your knife dry and clean! 

          Hand wash with warm soapy water. No abrasive sponges.  

          Never put your knife in the dishwasher or leave it soaking in water. 

          Dry your knife completely using an absorbent towel. We find paper towels work the best. 

          We recommend storing your knives on a magnetic strip, keeping them in a block or storing them in your knife roll or wrap. 


          $9.90 Australia Wide

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          Shun Classic

          Born of the ancient Samurai sword making tradition and hand-finished for precision and beauty, Shun Classic is the ideal line for anyone making their first foray into the Japanese knife market.

          High Quality Steel

          Shun Classic knives boast a cutting-edge VG-MAX core, the newest addition to the VG line of "super steels." This advanced material is highly resistant to wear and corrosion while maintaining an exceptionally sharp edge. The knife's core is supported and protected by a stunning Damascus cladding consisting of 34 micro layers, which not only enhances its appearance but also provides additional strength and durability.

          Outstanding Sharpness

          Shun knives excel with thinner, lighter, and sharper blades. The 16° cutting angle per side (32° comprehensive) achieves outstanding sharpness and accuracy, enhancing your cutting efficiency and longevity.

          Traditional Techniques

          Showcasing traditional handcrafting techniques. These knives feature a striking hamon, an alluring wavy line where the different steels meet. The blades are meticulously ground to a quick taper edge, allowing for swift and efficient food movement.

          PakkaWood Handle

          All Classic knives feature a robust and moisture-resistant handle made from Ebony Pakkawood, a premium resin-impregnated hardwood. Its contoured design offers a comfortable and secure grip for both right-handed and left-handed users. The handle's end cap adds balance and enhances its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the integrated tang of the knife ensures stability and balance during use.