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Scanpan Classic 20cm Chef's Knife with 3 Stage Sharpener

Scanpan Classic 20cm Chef's Knife with 3 Stage Sharpener

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Uncompromising quality and exceptional value have made SCANPAN Classic knives a best selling line of kitchen cutlery. Each knife is crafted from the finest grade German stainless steel. The blade is expertly ground, honed and tested. The angle is exact, uniform from bolster to tip and the curve flawlessly tapered.

All blades of SCANPAN Classic Knives are tested to Rockwell® ; standard to ensure that the knife if tempered and hardened to perfection. With their slip resistant ergonomic handles, SCANPAN Classic Knives provide a grip of comfort, security, and control.

All SCANPAN Knife sets and individual knives are guaranteed for 10 years.

This 20cm Chef's knife and sharpener set is ideal for the all rounder.

The SCANPAN 3 Stage Ceramic Sharpener makes sharpening in 3 easy steps. The blue stone regenerates a dull blade, creating a smooth overall surface for which to sharpen further. The pink stone creates a finer edge preparing the surface for the final stage of sharpening using the white stone to hone the knife for everyday use. The ceramic sharpening plates create a razor sharp edge by polishing the blade to a very fine point.


  • Finest quality German stainless steel
  • Superior "Hairline Finish" taper ground cutting edge
  • Hardness tested to HRC 56-57
  • Genuine Danish design
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced
  • Ergonomic trilobal handle design
  • Rounded back of knife blade for increased finger comfort
  • New ergonomic bolster improves chopping grip

Maintenance & Care

  • SCANPAN Classic Knives will last a lifetime if afforded proper care.
  • To avoid accidental injury and blade damage, treat knives with respect and always handle with due care
  • Cutting on a soft, non abrasive surface such as a timber or plastic cutting board will help prevent premature dulling of the blade
  • All SCANPAN Classic knives are dishwasher safe however due to the harsh nature of the machine cleansing process, we recommend that you hand wash your knife and dry it with a towel
  • Use a storage block to house your knives and protect the blades. Never store cutlery pieces loose in a drawer


$9.90 Australia Wide

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