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Replacement Wheel Set for Minosharp 3-Stage Sharpener

Replacement Wheel Set for Minosharp 3-Stage Sharpener

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This is a 3-piece set of ceramic wheel replacements for the MinoSharp Plus 3 stage ceramic sharpener (550/GB). As the ceramic wheels are made from a porous material, eventually they will need replacing – this will all depend on the frequency of usage. These replacement wheels can easily be inserted into pull through sharpener which is a cost-effective solution rather than completely replacing the product. This design style reflects the Japanese culture of not wasting anything and finding a way to fix something rather than throwing it away.


  • Replacement wheel for MinoSharp, 3 Stage ceramic water sharpener (550/GB) - Image Attached
  • coarse ceramic wheel.
  • Made in Japan.

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