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Premier Minamo Santoku Knife 18cm

Premier Minamo Santoku Knife 18cm

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Made in Japan and featuring a double edged blade coated in 32 layers of Damascus steel which is razor sharp this santoku knife is perfect for mincing, slicing and dicing whilst being resilient to rust and extremely durable. The rectangular shaped blade with an angled edge allows for more precise slicing than a chef's knife and is particularly useful when you need to finely slice vegetables or fish. The ergonomic handle is suitable for left and right handers.

Note This knife is not designed to be used on bone or very thick-skinned vegetables.

Key Features:

  • Double edged, razor sharp blade coated in 32 layers of Damascus steel for exceptional sharpness, resilience, and longevity
  • Perfect for fine slicing, dicing and mincing
  • Beautiful aesthetic appeal without compromising attention to detail
  • High-quality ergonomic pakkawood handle suits both right and left handed users
  • Minamo aesthetic on each blade makes each piece unique
  • Made in Japan


  • Construction -  VG-MAX steel core,
    pakkawood handle 
  • Dimensions -  18cm (blade length)
  • Cleaning and Care -  Hand wash the knife and dry thoroughly with a clean cloth. 
    For weekly and monthly maintenance, use a honing steel or a whetstone to sharpen the edge.
  • Warranty -  Limited lifetime
  • Made in -  Japan
  • SKU - TMM0702


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