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Premier Minamo Paring Knife 9cm

Premier Minamo Paring Knife 9cm

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Shun – Tim Malzer Minamo – Paring Knife 9cm

The Shun Minamo Series forms an exquisitely elegant and individual addition to the premium class of the Shun Premier Series of knives.

The series unites Japanese and European elements in an especially artful manner.

Tim Malzer came up with the idea to develop a combination of the typically Japanese Santoku knife and the classic European chef’s knife.This fusion served as the basis for three distinct blade shapes.

Shun Premier Tim Malzer Minamo Handle

Thanks to its symmetrical shape, the black pakkawood handle is suitable for both left-and right-handed users.

The slight arch on the handle’s underside enables a comfortable fit.

The forged tang ensures a perfect balance between blade and handle.

Shun Premier Tim Mlzer Minamo Blade

The Shun Minamo blade’s core consists of extremely hard VG-MAX steel (61 (1) HRC), wrapped in 32 layers of Damascus steel.

The blades’ high-gloss finish is completed with a Damascus grain.

The combination of Santoku and cooking knife’s hybrid nature embodied in the blade’s rectangular form, easily allows both rocking movements as well as the accurate chopping of cutting materials. The blades are double-edged.


    Steel: VG-MAX steel (61 (1) HRC), wrapped in 32 layers of Damascus steel

    Handle: Black PakkaWood®

    Blade length: 9cm (3.5 inch)

    Handle length: 10.5cm

    Handcrafted in Japan

    SKU: TMM0700



This Knife is NOT designed to be used on bone or very thick-skinned vegetables.

Hand wash only


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