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Mac Pro Chef Knife Knife 25cm (MBK-95)

Mac Pro Chef Knife Knife 25cm (MBK-95)

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This Chef's knife is modeled after the standard French chef's knife which has a slightly curved edge and a fast taper towards the tip (compared to a Japanese chef's knife which has a more gradual taper from the heel to the tip).  This is a 9½" version which is fairly standard for most professional chefs.  A multipurpose knife for just about anything you would cut on a cutting board.  Our most popular chef's knife for professional kitchens.

Knife Specs:

Knife Length: 14.56"
Weight: 7.8 oz
Blade Length: 9.63"
Blade Height: 1.93"
Blade Thickness: 2.5 mm

UPC: 854911000280

Care & Use

Always keep your knife dry and clean! 

Hand wash with warm soapy water. No abrasive sponges.  

Never put your knife in the dishwasher or leave it soaking in water. 

Dry your knife completely using an absorbent towel. We find paper towels work the best. 

We recommend storing your knives on a magnetic strip, keeping them in a block or storing them in your knife roll or wrap. 


$9.90 Australia Wide

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