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King Whetstone 1000 Grit

King Whetstone 1000 Grit

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Sharpening with whetstone is by far the best way to resharpen your GLOBAL knives. This traditional Japanese method of sharpening is a valuable skill to learn as it will ensure your knives remain razor sharp like the day you purchased them. If sharpened correctly, you can get at least 6 to 8 months of general use without re-sharpening – far longer than a pull through sharpener or traditional sharpening steel.

The K-45 1000 grit whetstone is ideal for general sharpening and is the most commonly used grit for domestic use. If your knives are completely blunt or damaged, you may need to use a coarser stone (240/400 grit) before moving to this stage. The GLOBAL King Whetstone includes a removeable non-slip rubber base and detailed instructions on how to sharpen by whetstone. Alternatively, you can watch Mr GLOBAL's sharpening demonstration here.


  • Stone Dimensions: 207 x 66 x 34mm (base included)
  • 1000 Grit sharpening stone - Most popular grit for general use.Includes non-slip rubber base.
  • Instructions included.
  • Made in Japan.

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