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Bialetti Brikka Exclusive 2 Cups

Bialetti Brikka Exclusive 2 Cups

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The Brikka Noir from the Bialetti Exclusive collection is a remarkable celebration of the Italian coffee tradition infused with style and innovation. The Brikka Noir takes the art of making stovetop espresso to a new level, boasting a patented brewing system from Bialetti that produces the coveted espresso crema.

Revolutionising Espresso with Brikka Noir

At the heart of the Brikka Noir is a groundbreaking brewing system that enables you to savour the distinctive crema that characterises exceptional espresso. This innovation sets it apart as more than just a coffee maker; it's a tribute to the time-honoured Italian coffee ritual infused with contemporary ingenuity.

An Experience of Italian Coffee Craftsmanship

The Bialetti Exclusive collection's Brikka Noir embodies the essence of Italian coffee culture, where every cup tells a story. It is an exquisite blend of style and innovation, designed to enhance your espresso experience. The soft-touch effect handle ensures a secure and comfortable grip, ensuring that your coffee-making journey is both elegant and convenient.

Bialetti Brikka Noir Exclusive Features
Velvety Crema - The Bialetti Exclusive collection's pressurised brewing method creates a rich layer of crema, the hallmark of exceptional espresso.

Craftsmanship in Materials - The Bialetti Exclusive collection is crafted with precision, using an aluminium alloy that endures and exudes timeless quality while keeping your coffee pure.

Heat-Resistant Handle - The collection's handle and knob are designed to withstand heat, allowing you to comfortably handle your coffee at any stage, even when the aluminium is hottest.

This Product Includes
1x Bialetti Brikka Noir Exclusive
1x Graduated Measuring Cup
Size 2 Cup

Aluminium Body, Thermoplastic Handle and Knob

Boiler Capacity


(H) 155mm x (¯) 86mm


$9.90 Australia Wide

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