Bialetti Brikka Coffee Maker 2 Cup

Bialetti Brikka Coffee Maker 2 Cup

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Brikka is a unique coffee maker that offers the experience of a real Italian espresso just like at the bar.
The new technology with silicone membrane, combined with the characteristics of the moka, ensures results similar to the espresso coffee at the bar: full-bodied, intense and with lasting creaminess. Brikka also has the exclusive patented Bialetti safety valve, which can be easily inspected and is easy to clean. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip the product.

How to prepare coffee:
1. Fill heater with cold water by using the graduated measuring cup supplied.
2. Insert the funnel filter into the heater.
3. Fill the funnel filter with ground coffee for Moka, without pressing it down, taking care not to leave coffee powder on the rim of the coffee maker.
4. Screw the upper part on the heater and tighten well, without pressing too much and avoiding to force the handle.
5. Put the coffee maker on the heat source. In case of flame, prevent it from going beyond the rim of the coffee unit. In case of electric/ceramic glass plate, do not use the highest heat.
6. In few minutes a small amount of coffee will start coming out and the typical puff of Brikka, signalling the beginning of froth formation, will be heard.
7. After few seconds, make sure froth formation has been completed inside the upper part.
8. Pour coffee into the cups, evenly distributing the coffee and froth.

Cleaning instructions: the Bialetti Brikka should be rinsed simply with water, after use. Do not use detergents. The product should not be washed in the dishwasher as this could cause damage to the product and affect the taste of the coffee.

Body material: aluminium
Handle material: thermoplastic
Knob material: thermoplastic
easy-clean safety valve
Not suitable for use on induction plates
Not dishwasher safe


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